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State of the art production lines created with Finnish integrity.

With smart technology combined with northern innovation, stamina, and efficient production, we are proud to be pioneers of the industry and the sole provider of electromechanical production lines for the manufacture of concrete and alternative material-based products.


Upgrade Your Production

Efficiency with CO2 solutions and alternative materials

Low-carbon materials and technologies based on the use of CO2, for instance, demand all-inclusive and flexible control of concrete product manufacturing. Our digitalized and efficient production lines now provide the supreme capability to adapt such materials and technologies already.

MEC Inspections – Keep up with your production machines and capacity

Our customer-oriented service for production capacity inspection offers valuable information about spare part availability, long- and short-term maintenance needs as well as efficiency auditions, by request.

MEC Maintenance – Best service for all production lines

MEC Maintenance – With pre-planning and original spare parts our customers get the best service for production lines and certainty for their business. Just choose between different maintenance agreement levels: Bronze, Silver, or Gold by your needs and we adjust the YMC (Yearly Maintenance Clock) for your possible maintenance times. With Silver- and Gold-levels you also get an extended warranty time.

MEC Production lines – Customer specific solutions for efficient production

The latest electro-mechanical servo technology combined with an intelligent and easy-to-use control system enables consistent quality with recurring accuracy throughout its long life cycle.

MEC FaaS – The easiest and fastest way to scale up your production capacity

Everything you need, under one comprehensive solution. This turnkey delivery includes machinery, equipment, all maintenance, and spare parts for a monthly fee – confirmed with a guaranteed return of investment, leaving you with more time for product development, sales, and marketing.

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We spent a nice time with our partners yesterday. It is nice...

We spent a nice time with our partners yesterday. It is nice to meet and chat outside from work and get to know each other. #iihfworlds

Are you looking for a fast and flexible solution to increase...

Are you looking for a fast and flexible solution to increase your production capacity? We offer a used Stacker Semi-automatic production line, delivered immediately from our factory! The production line has been inspected and serviced throughout. Installation and commissioning on a fast schedule.<br><br>

For example, carbon dioxide taken from the chimney of a near...

For example, carbon dioxide taken from the chimney of a nearby plant can now be permanently bound to concrete products during the manufacturing process of the products.  The method can be used to make concrete products even carbon-negative!  The method also speeds up the setting time of the products and allows the use of many different materials as a substitute for cement. We will be happy to tell you more about it!  Could we find a turnkey solution for your production as well?

Finnish technology and service providers are innovative pion...

Finnish technology and service providers are innovative pioneers in the field of more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production solutions. The solutions help customers streamline lead times and optimize material costs in a more cost-effective direction. Basically, all solutions are based on further improving the efficiency of the customer%27s production.<br><br><br><br>There is a great demand for the solutions internationally and companies have a need and a desire to modernize their production in a more sustainable direction.<br><br>The news describes a carbon sequestration solution for concrete products. News in Finnish.

Rapid growth steps has now been opened for the perfect produ...

Rapid growth steps has now been opened for the perfect products made of alternative materials - The Perfect Block.<br>We are glad to announce the cooperation with Eco Building Systems Corp. in Arizona, USA.<br>In the photo Eco Building Systems CEO Jerry Kachlic, Mecmetal CEO Jani Toropainen and Mecmetal Director of sales and marketing Marco Hautakoski. <br>

Couple of bolted concrete product molds leaving for the cust...

Couple of bolted concrete product molds leaving for the customer.  Replaceable wear parts can be replaced several times.  We also help customers to develop new products, as well as to develop e.g. molds for sustainable and efficient production.

New MEC 1490 Evolution-20 concrete Product machine ready to ...

New MEC 1490 Evolution-20 concrete Product machine ready to be shipped to customer next week.

Service request page added

To improve our service and...

Service request page added<br><br>To improve our service and to provide broader opportunities to contact us, we have added a service request page to our website. Through the service request page you can submit us service requests and let us know of any development needs that may arise. You can find the page in the main menu of our website or by clicking:<br><br>

Mecmetal Oy is the worlds leading manufacturer of fully elec...

Mecmetal Oy is the worlds leading manufacturer of fully electromechanical production lines for concrete products.<br>Now Mecmetal has developed new production line series called  Evolution-20.<br><br>New design is based on the already reliable well field proven mechanical design.<br>In Evolution-20, we have used the latest available automation, software and electric servo drive technology.<br><br>To speed up the product development, we also utilized the Digital Twin technology. Digital twin has significantly speeded up the development process and can also be used for customer training and sales demonstrations.<br><br>Control system technology is based on B&R Automation system. The software for controlling the machine and the web based human machine interface software was developed by Eero Tiainen Consulting Oy.<br><br>Realtime values of the control system are transferred via OPC UA to the Digital Twin system developed by Process Genius Oy.<br><br>By using the combination of 3D Digital Twin model and the real control system, machine can be operated in virtual environment just like a real machine.<br><br>From the start we have developed our production lines to answer our clients%27 ever changing and developing needs. All of our products have been designed with care and manufactured from high-quality materials, considering the demanding industrial conditions.<br><br>#smartfactory #automation #productionlines #digitaltwin

Avoimia työpaikkoja tarjolla!

Haemme nyt kasvavaan j...

Avoimia työpaikkoja tarjolla!<br><br>Haemme nyt kasvavaan joukkoomme:<br><br>- Mekaniikka-asentajaa<br><br>- Manuaalisorvaajaa<br><br>- Hitsaajaa<br><br>

Great news! We are really pleased and proud to announce: We ...

Great news! We are really pleased and proud to announce: We will be delivering a fully automatic MEC Evolution-20 Finger Car handling line to a large multinational customer in early 2022. We will tell you more about this project and its stages during the manufacturing steps.<br><br>More about our various production lines:<br><br><br>Isoja uutisia! Olemme todella tyytyväisiä ja ylpeitä voidessamme ilmoittaa: Toimitamme täydellisen automaattisen MEC Evolution-20 Sormivaunukäsittely tuotantolinjan isolle monikansalliselle asiakkaalle alkuvuodesta 2022. Tästä projektista ja sen vaiheista kerromme valmistusvaiheiden varrella lisää.

Haastattelut ovat parhaillaan...<br><br>Haastattelut ovat parhaillaan täysillä käynnissä. Vielä ehdit hakea mukaan sähkömekaaniikan edelläkävijöiden joukkoon!


Toimintamme kasvaessa haemme jouk...

HAKUAIKAA JATKETTU!<br><br>Toimintamme kasvaessa haemme joukkoomme:<br><br><br>MEKANIIKKA-ASENTAJIA teollisuuslaitteiden ja -koneiden asennus- ja huoltotehtäviin. <br><br>MIG/MAG-HITSAAJIA koneenrunkojen ja teräsrakenteiden hitsaustehtäviin.<br><br>CNC-KONEISTAJAA työskentelemään CNC-jyrsimellä.<br><br>MANUAALISORVAAJAA<br><br><br><br>Mikäli kiinnostuit, tutustu tehtäviin tarkemmin ja jätä hakemuksesi mahdollisimman pian, mutta viimeistään 30.5. mennessä kotisivujemme kautta: <br><br><br><br>

Toimintamme kasvaessa haemme joukkoomme 3D-MEKANIIKKASUUNNIT...

Toimintamme kasvaessa haemme joukkoomme 3D-MEKANIIKKASUUNNITTELIJOITA. <br><br>Tehtävänäsi on mm. koneenrakentamiseen liittyvä mekaaninen suunnittelu, mallinnus ja piirustusten laatiminen 3D-Inventor -ohjelmalla. <br><br>Tervetuloa kasvavaan joukkoomme!<br><br>

New Evolution-20 Concrete Production Lines now available

New Evolution-20 Concrete Production Lines now available<br><br>As a result of long product development, new and smart Evolution-20 control system equipped Concrete Production Lines are now available. New control system offers, among other things, production efficiency and proactive maintenance improving features. The system collects data from the machine’s every part and sensor in real time and forms information that is easy to understand for the user. With this data the system can assist and guide the user and give information for proactive maintenance.<br><br>Read more on our website:<br><br>#smartfactory #adaptivemanufacturing <br>

Uudet Evolution-20 Betonituotelinjat ovat nyt saatavilla

Uudet Evolution-20 Betonituotelinjat ovat nyt saatavilla<br><br>Pitkän kehitystyön tuloksena uudet älykkäät Evolution-20 ohjausjärjestelmällä varustetut Betonituotelinjat ovat nyt saatavilla. Uusi ohjausjärjestelmä tarjoaa vakiona mm. tuotannon tehokkuutta ja ennakointia parantavia ominaisuuksia. Järjestelmä kerää jokaiselta anturilta ja toimilaitteelta reaaliaikaisesti dataa, josta se muodostaa käyttäjälle helposti ymmärrettävää tietoa. Tämän tiedon avulla järjestelmä mm. voi ohjata käyttäjää sekä antaa tietoa ennakoivan huollon avuksi.<br><br>Lue lisää nettisivuiltamme

Mecmetal on Joensuussa sijaitseva konepaja, joka suunnittele...

Mecmetal on Joensuussa sijaitseva konepaja, joka suunnittelee, valmistaa, asentaa ja huoltaa betonituote tuotantolaitteistoja. Tänä keväänä alkanut Covid-19 pandemia on pistänyt meidänkin yrityksemme miettimään yhä turvallisempia tapoja tarjota asennuksia ja huoltoja asiakkaidemme tuotantolaitoksiin. Olemme kiinnittäneet erityistä huomiota mm. seuraaviin seikkoihin:<br>- Käsihygienia. Pestään käsiä usein ja käytetään käsidesiä lisäksi.<br>- Pidetään etäisyyttä kanssamme työskenteleviin henkilöihin.<br>- Keskustelemme aina asiakkaan kanssa heidän toiminta tavoistaan ja noudatamme lisäksi niitä.<br>- Majoitumme aina omissa huoneissamme ja siisteiksi todetuissa paikoissa.<br>- Käytämme omia henkilökohtaisia työkalujamme.<br>- Matkustamme oman henkilökunnan kesken tarvittavalla kulkuvälineellä, mahdollisimman väljästi ja etäisyyttä pitäen. <br>- Noudatamme kasvosuojain määräyksiä.<br><br>Olemme kokonaisuutena muodostaneet turvallisen ja järkevän tavan toimia poikkeuksellisen tilanteen keskellä. <br><br>Hyvää syksyn alkua!<br><br>Jani Toropainen <br><br>Betonituotetehtaan kehitysprojekti on lähtenyt vauhdilla käyntiin ja sen sisällöstä julkaisemme lisää lähiaikoina!

Mecmetal is engineering workshop located in Joensuu that des...

Mecmetal is engineering workshop located in Joensuu that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains Concrete Product production equipment.  The Covid-19 pandemic that began this spring has also made our company think about increasingly safer ways to provide installations and maintenance at our customers production facilities.  We have paid special attention to e.g.  the following:<br> - Hand hygiene.  Wash hands frequently and use disinfictant in addition.<br> - Keep a distance from the people who work with us.<br> - We always discuss about customer operating methods with the customer and follow them.<br> - We always accommodate in our own rooms and in places that are found to be clean.<br> - We use our own personal tools.<br> - We travel between our own staff with the necessary means of transport, as spaciously as possible and keeping a distance.<br> - We follow the instructions of the face shield.<br><br> As a whole, we have established a safe and sensible way of dealing with an exceptional situation.<br><br><br> Happy autumn!<br><br> Jani Toropainen<br><br><br> The development project of the concrete product factory has started rapidly and we will publish more about its content in the near future!

The MEC ELEKTRO, a fully electromechanical product machine d...

The MEC ELEKTRO, a fully electromechanical product machine developed by Mecmetal Oy, as well as our other production facilities; have been developed extensively in recent years! Our new devices are equipped with modern, energy-efficient, precise and powerful engines. New solutions in mechanical design, motors, control and software significantly speed up turnaround times, further improving utilization and reliability. Completely without hydraulics, the product machine is truly energy efficient and perfectly suited to environmental challenges. We have developed several solutions to the increasing environmental regulations and challenges posed by the recyclability of raw materials. Many of our equipment are also suitable for wide range of industries.

Mecmetal Oy:n kehittämää MEC ELEKTROA, täysin sähkömek...

Mecmetal Oy:n kehittämää MEC ELEKTROA, täysin sähkömekaaniseen toimintaan perustuvaa tuotekonetta, sekä muita tuotantolaitteistojamme on kehitetty viimeisten vuosien aikana kiivaasti. Uudet laitteemme ovat varustettu nykyaikaisilla, energiatehokkailla, tarkoilla ja vahvoilla moottoreilla. Mekaanisen rakenteen, moottoreiden, ohjauksen ja ohjelmiston osalta tehdyt uudet ratkaisut nopeuttavat huomattavasti kiertoaikoja, parantavat entisestään käyttöastetta, sekä luotettavuutta. Täysin hydrauliikaton tuotekone on todella energiatehokas ja vastaa ympäristöhaasteisiin täydellisesti. Olemme kehittäneet useita ratkaisuja kiristyviin ympäristömääräyksiin ja raaka-aineiden kierrätettävyyden tuomiin haasteisiin. Monet valmistamamme laitteistot soveltuvat myös monille muille teollisuuden aloille.

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