Carbon neutral concrete production

Carbon-neutral concrete products will soon be the industry standard. The concrete industry generates up to 8 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, and it needs to change. Mecmetal offers the manufacturing industry the opportunity to meet even the most ambitious environmental goals of society.

With the help of the Chimney to Chimney process we have developed, in concrete manufacturing, industrial carbon dioxide emissions can be utilized by binding them permanently to the concrete. When industrial side streams are combined with this, it is even possible to make concreteproducts carbon negative. The carbon footprint of the final products is also reduced by the modern, low-emission production plants manufactured by Mecmetal, which, thanks to electromechanical devices, consume considerably less energy than old-fashioned hydraulic solutions. Welcome to the concrete revolution!


Here’s how it’s done – from chimney to chimney

The technology of our production facilities is based on the use of alternative raw materials and carbonation. In our process, industrial carbon dioxide emissions are captured directly from the factory chimney and used for curing and drying concrete products.

In addition, we utilize the side streams of the manufacturing industry in a completely new way: from industrial waste, such as blast furnace slag from the steel industry, together with carbon dioxide, a substitute for high-emission cement is created.

The process opens up a completely new raw material market for the concrete industry and at the same time boosts its production – without raising the price.

Chimney to Chimney

  1. Capture and use of emissions and side streams, i.e. Carbon Capture processing, where emissions are captured from the chimney, at the same time carbon dioxide is processed into a liquid to ease the storing and transportation.
  2. Manufacture of concrete products.
  3. Carbonaide post-treatment of concrete products, where carbon dioxide is bound to them in an airtight space.
  4. Certification of the end products.


  • Deliveries of electromechanical equipment to production facilities
  • Equipment commissioning, maintenance and spare parts
  • Contacting partners
  • Carbonation
  • Process monitoring
  • Measuring environmental friendliness
  • Process integration

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