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This is what Mecmetal is made of. We work with a team of skilled professionals in an open and welcoming atmosphere, to produce the best possible results and efficiency possible.

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Mecmetal Ltd is a Finnish production line technology developer and manufacturer. Our journey started by specializing in production equipment for concrete blocks, insulated blocks, and paving stones, but nowadays we have developed our production lines to make products from many other materials than just concrete, yet using the same manufacturing method. With a strong emphasis on R&D, we have developed completely electro-mechanical production line models.

From an engineering shop and a machine manufacturer to a technology forerunner

We are a reliable partner and a pioneer in developing technology solutions to the genuine needs of our customers in the ever-changing world. We haven’t only designed new technology but utilized its best potential for solutions and services to facilitate seamless collaboration with our customers.


In 2022, our new Inspection and Maintenance services were released. The same year we were proud to announce that Mecmetal Ltd is the only one in the world to offer Factory as a Service with all-inclusive services for the concrete products industry. We have gained our position as a forerunner through extensive development work, long-term experience, and know-how.

We work with integrity, flexibility, knowledge, and competence

All our actions are meant to lead to customer success and maximum efficiency in products and services. We provide in-house engineering and manufacturing reinforced with high-performance co-operators. In addition to this, we have the world’s leading automation that helps people with machine control, maintenance planning, and many other everyday functions. Fighting for a greener future is a no-brainer for us, and we do our part for the greater good through CO2 treatment and the use of recycled materials. For us, offering endless variations to help customers’ production with a service-minded attitude and responsible actions is a matter of the heart.

Mecmetal in a nutshell

All our services and production lines are developed with heart and soul for our customer’s success. From Inspection to Factory as a Service, there is a path that takes us deeper and deeper into the industry and competences. We are here for our customers, all the way from our mechanics to our CEO. How can we help you?