Insulated Concrete Block Making Machine

Fully automatic block machine for making insulated concrete blocks

In the insulation concrete block model, MEC Evolution-20 block machine is equipped with fully automatic MEC insulation feeder and it is designed to make insulated concrete blocks fully automatic. Insulated concrete blocks are designed for quality living and contains many beneficial properties such as very low thermal conductivity, noise cancellation and fast building time.

Concrete intelligence and efficiency

MEC Evolution-20 block machine is equipped with fully automatic MEC insulation feeder and additional software at the manufacturing phase. Automatic insulation feed is based on robot clams and cylinders to feed insulation on product pallet at the beginning of each cycle. Feeder also separates and sets up insulation blocks ready during ongoing cycle, so there is no waiting or stoppages. Only insulation packages on truck pallets has to be lift on conveyor.

MEC Evolution-20 block machine is based entirely on electromechanical operations. It is equipped with powerful and accurate servo motors as main power source. Improved servo gear motor technology guarantees precise and fast movements in all conditions and improves energy efficiency* totally to a new level. MEC Evolution-20 is developed version of it’s previous model MEC ELECTRO.

The design of the block machine is based on decades of experience in tested, constantly evolving mechanical solutions and new solutions developed as a result of active development cooperation with customers, for the needs of efficient production and market development.




  • Fully automatic
  • High utilization rate
  • Extremely fault-tolerant
  • The manufactured products are very homogenous and high-quality
  • Intelligent maintenance and diagnostics
  • Long life cycle
  • Cost-effective
  • Up to 90% more energy efficient*
  • Carbon footprint minimized
Technical properties
Fully automatic
Smart features
Sturdy industrial design
Electro-mechanical operation, based on servo technology
Precise guides and gears
Automatic central lubrication system
Directed vibration, with portable frequency and power adjustments
Wide variety of stepless adjustments for all movements
Express mold attachment and mold change automation
Bottom face profiles possible
Production pallet size options: Width: 1200 mm - 1400 mm, Length: 650 mm - 1400 mm, Thickness: 35 mm - 50 mm
Product area options: Width: 1120 mm - 1320 mm, Length: 600 mm - 1350 mm
Product height: 15 mm - 400 mm
Connection power: < 80 kW
Avg. Electricity consumption6 - 10 kWh
Main switch: < 200A
Need for compressed air: 200 liters/min
Total weight: approx. 10 000 kg – 16 000 kg
Frame main dimensions: Length: 4000 mm – 6000 mm, Width: 3220 mm, Height: 3300 mm - 3600 mm
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More details and features


Insulation Feeder

  • Only full insulation truck pallet is needed to lift on conveyor, everything else is done automatic by the machine
  • Extremely fault tolerant
  • Movements are precise
  • Controlled at same block machine operation system by converted software
  • Separate manual drive buttons are installed next to the feeder
  • Whole feeder system moves on rails
  • Easy installation and remove


Block Machine


High utilization rate

  • Operational reliability, less unwanted production stoppages
  • Fast mold changes
  • Little need for manual maintenance
  • Problems are easy to solve for the user due control system guidance


The manufactured products are very consistent and high-quality

  • Fast and precise movement on each cycle 
  • Production facility or climate doesn’t have an effect to MEC Block machine production capabilities
  • Real time quality parameter monitoring and feedback that guides the user


Energy efficient

  • MEC Block machines uses only 6 – 10 kWh during full scale production, saving even $100.000+ on electricity bill 
  • Energy efficient motors only consume energy during the movements
  • Braking energy is possible to be used in next movement
  • Main switch < 200A
  • Realised energy consumption is being monitored realtime
  • Energy consumption can be optimised


Affordable and predictable maintenance costs

  • We only use proven, high quality materials, parts and components for durability and cost effectiveness
  • Accurate real time diagnostics and fault diagnostics to prevent bigger maintenance needs


Extremely fault-tolerant

  • Sturdy industrial PC designed for 24/7 use
  • No moving parts, no blowers
  • Flash drive that is easy to recover / replace
  • Automation components are high quality and designed for rough conditions
  • Automation components are placed in the control room in their own compact device cabinet away from dust and vibration
  • Dust-proof electric cabinets with integrated cooling system
  • Duplicated fieldbus
  • Automatic backup of the control system’s programs, parameters and recipes


Short downtimes

  • Comprehensive and practical support and maintenance services
  • Fast and easy availability of consumables and spare parts
  • Easy installation of modular components


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