Concrete products

Wide range of possibilities

You can produce all your high-quality and durable concrete products, from insulated blocks to chimney blocks, and pavement stones to fireplace elements, with the same machine. Fully electromechanical block machines offer unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, ensuring consistent performance across all concrete products. With the numerous benefits that come from using solely electromechanical operations, one standout advantage is the resilience of these block machines against environmental conditions. They maintain their precision and reliability regardless of the temperature and location, leading 0% chance to oil cross contamination, better products from first press and less maintenance.



As concrete industry developes and new innovations are needed, we play our part by providing customers with better and more adaptive machine solutions to these needs.¬†Thanks to our extensive product development and innovative customers, our machines’ have exceptional capability to produce products not only from concrete but also from wide array of materials such as slag or ash, but also recycled raw materials such as crushed EPS, XPS, plastic and glass

As a result of updated servo technology and intelligent control system, the production capacity of MEC Block machines are top of the market, and one block machine can run up to 9,000 cycles per day. That’s one production pallet under 10 seconds.



  • Antique stones
  • Bonding blocks
  • Chimney blocks
  • Curbstones
  • Ecological pavers
  • Filter blocks
  • Fireplace elements
  • Flooring blocks
  • Garden curbs
  • Hollow blocks
  • Insulation blocks
  • Interlocking pavers
  • L-blocks
  • Landscaping stones
  • Palisades
  • Solid blocks
  • Staircase steps
  • U-blocks
  • Wall retainer blocks
  • Water duct blocks


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