Concrete Molds

For Concrete Product Machines

Mecmetal is involved in the journey of your products, from product development to manufacturing and spare parts deliveries. Our fast deliveries and technical support help our customers to achieve the best result technically and financially. Optimized durability and replaceable parts build trust and help you plan profitable production year after year.

Durability and accuracy create economy. Sustainable and accurate molds create an opportunity for economical and competitive production. Correctly selected materials, accurate and fast production, and continuous cooperation with equipment suppliers and our customers guarantee the right molds for the efficient and dimensionally accurate manufacture of each product. The mold design and manufacturing process at its best is an invisible part of the functionality of the mold order-supply chain.


  • Optimal durability
  • Welded or bolted fastening structure
  • Durable coating or surface-hardened
  • We also provide mold spare parts
  • Molds are made completely according to needs
  • Delivery time up to 20 weeks - ask for more information
  • Technical support

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Production Director

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