The easiest and fastest way to get more capacity

MEC FaaS gives you customized production capacity by monthly cost with all inclusive package. Production line, spare parts, consumable parts, efficiency consultation for production leaders and operators. You can use investment funds for R&D or Sales and Marketing and leave rest for us. All costs are fully predictable. Show us the facility, electricity and connections, we bring the line there!


MEC FaaS – The perfect solution for a company when growth is limited by the lack of investment capital. Our FaaS-solution can give a hand to those who also want to focus on R&D and marketing of their products. Installation, production efficiency, and all the maintenance is taken care of by us. This frees the customer from everything else other than the recruitment of employees and running the factory. MEC helps with recipes, keeps spare parts in stock, and makes sure production is running smoothly with pre-planned maintenance (YMC). Online service is always there for you if issues emerge or if you want to discuss new products or recipe development. With a digital twin and remote control, we can also do some testing about different ways in production. Ongoing operator training is something you donĀ“t get from other companies in the industry.

MEC FaaS is also focused on getting the factory running at its full potential from day 1 until the day you think there is something more efficient available.



  • All inclusive
  • Customized production line
  • Consultation for operator
  • Remote control and supervision
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance



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