Servo technology generation

MEC STACKER Evolution-20


MEC Evolution-20 production lines based entirely on electromechanical operations. All new production lines are equipped with a new servo technology. The design of the production lines are based on decades of experience in tested, constantly evolving mechanical solutions and new solutions developed as a result of active development cooperation with customers, for the needs of efficient production.

The MEC STACKER Evolution-20 contains a fully automatic Product machine and semi-automatic handling line, a fully automatic Product machine, and a semi-automatic production line with Forklift handling and production pallets with steel legs. The production pallet bundles are taken for curing freely in the desired location. This production line is excellent for spaces that have limitations for fixed curing and storage.


Concrete intelligence and efficiency

The control system is concretely smart and extremely versatile, but still really user-friendly and easy to use. Improved servo gear motor technology guarantees precise and fast movements in all conditions and improves energy efficiency totally to a new level.

The new web-based services are designed to support maximizing production efficiency and responding quickly to any need. New solutions also enable an extensive selection of predictive maintenance and real-time diagnostic services.





  • High utilization rate
  • Extremely fault-tolerant
  • The manufactured products are very homogenous and high-quality
  • Short downtimes
  • Intelligent maintenance and diagnostics
  • Long life cycle
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Carbon footprint minimized
Technical properties
Fully automatic product machine, semi-automatic handling line
Smart features
Sturdy industrial design
Electro-mechanical operation, based on servo technology
Wide variety of stepless adjustments for all movements
Layout dimensions are determined by customer-specific needs.

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