Safe operation during Covid-19 situation

Mecmetal is engineering workshop located in Joensuu that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains Concrete Product production equipment.  The Covid-19 pandemic that began this spring has also made our company think about increasingly safer ways to provide installations and maintenance at our customers production facilities.

We have paid special attention to e.g. the following:

Hand hygiene.  Wash hands frequently and use disinfictant in addition.

Keep a distance from the people who work with us.

  • We always discuss about customer operating methods with the customer and follow them.
  • We always accommodate in our own rooms and in places that are found to be clean.
  • We use our own personal tools.
  • We travel between our own staff with the necessary means of transport, as spaciously as possible and keeping a distance.
  • We follow the instructions of the face shield.


As a whole, we have established a safe and sensible way of dealing with an exceptional situation.

Jani Toropainen