Announcing the 3D Digital Twin model and the real control system

Mecmetal Oy is the worlds leading manufacturer of fully electromechanical production lines for concrete products. Now Mecmetal has developed new production line series called “Mec-Evolution 20“. New design is based on the already reliable well field proven mechanical design.

In Evolution-20, we have used the latest available automation, software and servo drive technology.

To speed up the product development, we also utilized the Digital Twin technology. Digital twin has significantly speeded up the development process and can also be used for customer training and sales demonstrations.

Control system technology is based on B&R Automation system. The software for controlling the machine and the web based human machine interface software was developed by Eero Tiainen Consulting Oy. Realtime values of the control system are transferred via OPC UA to the Digital Twin. Process Genius implemented the visualization of movements based on actual values coming from the control system. The visualization has been implemented in a real-world 3D model of Mecmetal’s product machine.

By using the combination of 3D Digital Twin model and the real control system, machine can be operated in virtual environment just like a real machine.

From the start we have developed our production lines to answer our clients’ ever changing and developing needs. All of our products have been designed with care and manufactured from high-quality materials, considering the demanding industrial conditions.

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