New Evolution-20 Concrete Production Lines now available

As a result of long product development, new and smart Evolution-20 control system equipped Concrete Production Lines are now available. New control system offers, among other things, production efficiency and proactive maintenance improving features. The system collects data from the machine’s every part and sensor in real time and forms information that is easy to understand for the user. With this data the system can assist and guide the user and give information for proactive maintenance.

MEC PRO FACTOR optional service enables, among other things, creating easy-to-understand diagrams and statistics from all the collected data. These statistics can be used to follow i.e. production key figures. With the collected data production can be enhanced in real time or afterwards. With the machine vision equipment and quality control system that can be included in the service you can even manage the quality control and reporting of a whole product factory. Service’s content is customized individually according to the client’s needs.

Our new Evolution-20 Concrete Product Machines are equipped with servo motor technology. Energy efficient motors allow fast and precise movements and the reuse of braking energy in the acceleration of other movements. Because the motors only use energy during movements and reuse braking energy, they are very energy efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Even though the energy consumption is already low, it is monitored in real time and can optimized even more.

Our product machines are environmentally friendly and cost-effective not only because of their low energy consumption, but also because their minute – and predictable need for daily maintenance. Top quality materials and parts as well as accurate fault diagnostics guarantee long durability and inexpensive maintenance costs. Oil leaks are also impossible with an electromechanical machine, so the machine and the environment stay cleaner.

As a machine manufacturer we are experienced and reliable. We already developed the first ever product machine that is solely based on electromechanical operations in the 1990’s. The results of persistent work and experience can be seen in our new line of products. We have closely listened our clients’ needs and wishes in our product development. With decades of expertise, we have refined and perfected our products and services to answer developing demands.